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The Construction Industry is a big user of natural resources.

As such, there is mounting pressure on construction firms to reduce their environmental impact.

Sustainable construction means using renewable and recyclable materials; as well as monitoring and
reducing energy consumption and waste. We endeavour to do our bit for sustainable construction
by reducing the industry’s impact on the environment. The construction Industry uses a lot of finite energy resources, such as fossil fuels, to power the industry. So how do we make our construction sustainable?


  • We build with sustainable materials

  • The Wood we use is FSC certified

  • We have site waste management plans

  • We use waste facilities which recycle to majority of our waste, minimising what goes into landfill

  • We have a Wood Waste Policy where we encourage our staff to reuse what they can

  • We have an effective environmental policy - Click to view

  • Most importantly, we are ISO 14001 Certified - Click to view

ISO 14001


  • The ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies the requirements for an

effective environmental Management system (EMS)


  • Our EMS helps us to identify, manage, monitor and control our environmental impact in a holistic manner.


  • Our EMS requires us to consider all environmental issues relevant to our organisation


  • We successfully gained our certification in May 2021

Social Value

Social value to us is the positive difference our business has on the local community and environmental. It is the commitment from us to improve to all lives through opportunity, experience and involvement.

Social Value Case study: Our client consulted with their residents to identify areas where they could benefit from some changes to their communal space.


  • To add Wood Vale Cycle storage and communal outside space.

Works carried out:

Internal work:


  • Cycle racks, lighting, decoration and new entrance door (Double locked) to storage area.

External work:


  • Sloped Grass/tree lined area to rear of residents’ flats.

To avoid anti-social behaviour the idea of benches was rejected. Instead our joinery team have created bug hotels, bird tables and shelters. The aim to provide nesting facilities and encourage insect pollination.

Social Value policy - Click to view
Modern Day Slavery Policy - Click to view

Our Vehicle Fleet

Euro 6 Vans:

Over the coming year we will be upgrading our fleet to ensure they all Euro 6 compliant engines. Euro 6 is the sixth and latest directive set by the European Union to help reduce the level of harmful pollutants produced by new vehicles, such as
nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.


The Euro 6 is already having a positive effect on emission levels. The permitted level of nitrogen Oxide emitted from a diesel engine is now 80mg/km – 55% lower than the previous directive. It will also mean that we will meet the requirements of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone; therefore, avoiding the daily charge.

Electric Vans
We will also be adding small electric vans to our fleet. Advantageously, they are good for the environment, quieter than diesel vans in residential areas and they have lower running costs.

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